Is there any ward as you have no ward till now?

Answer Mary Joanna

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Is the name Ward Jewish?

The name Ward is not Jewish. The surname has both British and Gaelic (Irish) origins, and Ward was used as a first name beginning in the 19th century in England.References:The Internet Surname Data... Read More »

How to Move Into a New LDS Ward?

As a Latter Day Saint, moving to a new home could mean that you may no longer live in the designated area for the ward you used to attend. If this is the case, you may need to locate and join a new... Read More »

Where is montgomery ward?

Montgomery Ward has headquarters in Monroe, Wisconsin. The company operates as an online retail outlet of consumer goods. Montgomery Ward's business operations date back to 1872, when it started ou... Read More »

What is a ward of the state?

When a person is unable to take responsibility for his own care, he is deemed a ward of the state in which he lives. Some states refer to it as a ward of the court. The state, through the courts, t... Read More »