How to Melt Sterling?

Answer Artisans can melt sterling at home to create their own jewelry or other metal artwork. Materials required for melting sterling are inexpensive and widely available at most home-improvement or hardw... Read More »

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What is marcasite sterling?

A subtle flash of silver can add a fabulous touch to any woman's outfit. If you favor antique or art deco styling for your jewelry, you may want to consider marcasite.ChemistryMarcasite is iron sul... Read More »

What does 925 on sterling silver mean?

The number "925" stamped on sterling-silver jewelry represents 925/1000 parts of pure silver. Sterling is a silver alloy, and the remaining 75/1000 parts is made up of various other metals. The Uni... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Sterling?

The first or last name Sterling means "little star" or "stellar." The language originates from Old English and is typically used for boys when given as a first name. The name also comes from the Sc... Read More »

Value of Sterling-Silver Tea Set?

Sterling-silver tea sets can date back hundreds of years. A tea set's value depends on its condition, country of origin, age, manufacturer and style. A tea set is, at minimum, made up of a teapot, ... Read More »