What is the meaning of the name Stella?

Answer Stella has been used in English as a girl's name since the 19th century. It is the word for "star" in Latin and Italian. It can also be the feminine version of the Greek name "Stelios" or "Styliano... Read More »

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How to Be Like Stella from Winx Club?

We all know Stella from Winx Club. Some people want to be like her! Just follow these easy steps!

How tall is Stella Hudgens?

How do i care for stella daylillies?

General CareDeadhead individual "Stella D'Oro" flowers after they have finished blooming to encourage a longer flowering season. Spread 2 inches of mulch around the daylily fans, and give them a mi... Read More »

When do Stella d'Oro daylilies bloom?

The Stella d'Oro daylily blooms from May to late summer. In warmer climates, it might bloom until early fall. As with all daylilies, the individual Stella d'Oro blooms last for only one day, but th... Read More »