What does the name of the band rem stand for?

Answer The name of the band R.E.M. doesn't actually stand for anything. In the band's early days when members were considering a number of names, lead singer Michael Stipe decided to randomly choose somet... Read More »

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What is a good band name for a emo, punk band?

What does USS stand for in a ship's name?

USS is short for United States Ship. The designation is given to boats commissioned by the United States Navy. Other countries use similar abbreviation such as England, which uses HSM for Her Majes... Read More »

What does PC stand for in a company name?

When they appear after a company's name, the letters P.C. stand for "professional corporation," a business structure used by individuals who need a license to perform their work, explains BizFiling... Read More »

What does"net"stand for in a domain name?

"Net" stands for "network". When domain names were initiated, creators of the Internet wanted domains ending with "net" to be reserved for Internet service providers. However, the rule was never en... Read More »