Where did the eye of Katrina hit in the U.S.?

Answer Due to Louisiana's distinctive geography, Hurricane Katrina's eye first came ashore around Plaquemines Parish, southeast of New Orleans. It came ashore again, for the final time, around the Louisia... Read More »

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How wide was the eye of Katrina?

The eye of Hurricane Katrina measured 25 miles across as the storm made its first landfall on the southeast Florida coast. Katrina made a second and third landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi. The... Read More »

What was Katrina's wind speed?

Hurricane Katrina touched down at about 140 miles per hour and reached speeds of up to 175 miles per hour. Katrina was a category 5 hurricane and one of the most devastating hurricanes ever recorde... Read More »

What are the names of katrina's siblings?

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