How can i kill winter weeds in shrub beds( roundup doesn't work in the winter.)?

Answer The best way take to care of winter weeds is to pull them by hand, then use a pre-emergent weed control product which will kill weed seeds before they sprout. Pre-emergent weed control works for mo... Read More »

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I hate summer but love winter ! how can i make summer feel like winter?

Get the best air conditioners you can get. Play Christmas Music. Let me know if you want me to ship Aunt Ethyl's Fruit Cake from last year.Lay out big sheets of sparkly cotton fake snow, cover fl... Read More »

How to Have Fun in Winter?

When you think of winter, what do you think of? Snow? Christmas? Hot chocolate? Though many people do not favor it due possibly to fewer hours of daylight or the cold temperatures, winter is truly ... Read More »

When should you run your fan in the winter?

Answer 1. Ceiling fans blow warm air down and central units blow air all around the home to equalized the heat. 2. Get a humidity checker or meter and keep the humidity above 40 percent.3. Anytime ... Read More »

Is winter over?

I feel it depends on how cold your nights are, I am in the 40's for night temps will not bring my plants out until it is in the 50's and stays there, night anxious too to bring them out t... Read More »