What are the traits of Tess?

Answer Traits of Tess: she is a depicted as a very "fresh" virginal girl a innocent country girl sweet, kind, strong, weak and needy like the typical woman of that era, she is whinny and sometimes dumb in... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Tess?

According to Think Baby Names, the name Tess means "late summer." Tess is considered a female first name and is also sometimes a last name for men and women. Tess represents a variant of the names ... Read More »

How to Look Like Tess Tyler for Halloween?

Hey to all you pop stars! Do you want to be like Tess Tyler, Camp Rock's dazzling diva for Halloween? Here's the 411!

Who wrote Tess of the D'Urbervilles?

How to Be Like Tess Tyler from Camp Rock?

Tess Tyler is played by Meagan Jette Martin in Disney's 2008 "summer blockbuster." Her mom, TJ Tyler, is a pop-star; driving Tess to become one too. Are you going to a new school, summer camp, or y... Read More »