What does"roman a clef"mean?

Answer "Roman a clef" is French for "novel with a key." It refers to a novel that is about real-life events, but pretends to be fictional. Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" is an example of a roman a clef.Ref... Read More »

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What does"roman"mean in French?

One meaning of the French word "roman" is the adjective "romantic," primarily for describing literary styles. Examples of use include "roman d'amour" or love story, "roman d'espionnage" or spy nove... Read More »

What does the roman numeral MCMLIII mean?

The roman numeral MCMLIII stands for the year 1953. The M stands for 1000, the CM stands for 900, the L stands for 50 and the III stands for 3. The numeral system was used in ancient Rome, and was ... Read More »

What does the Roman numeral MCMLXXII mean?

The Roman numeral MCMLXXII translates to 1972 in the Arabic numeral system commonly used today. The first "M" designates 1000. "CM" translates to 100 before 1000, or 900. "L" translates to 50, and ... Read More »

What is the Roman name for Hermes?

Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek god, Hermes. He was the messenger of the gods as well as the god of trade and profit. Both figures carry several similarities in their depiction including th... Read More »