Did Gwen and Rhys have a baby boy or girl in Torchwood?

Answer Gwen is only just pregnant - I think she was 3 weeks pregnant when she found out at the start of the children of earth series so it will be in the 4th series(if they have one) that she has the baby.

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Why did John Rhys-Davies leave the TV show Sliders during Season 3?

Websites say he was fired because he had gotten into conflicts with the producers over the stories being done as he felt like they were just ripping off ideas from other works.

If Gwen Cooper marries Rhys wouldn't that make her Gwen Williams?

If she wanted, but we live in a modern time when women don't have to change their maiden names - see the novel "Risk Assessment".Also, Eve Myles didn't want her surname to change for whatever reaso... Read More »

Which episode of Torchwood does Rhys find out about Gwen working for torchwood?