What is the origin of the name"Kennedy"?

Answer The name "Kennedy" is of Gaelic origin. Kennedy translates into either "armored head" or "deformed head," according to This unisex name is found in English and Gaelic-speaking c... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Kennedy?

The origin of the name Kennedy comes from the Gaelic name Cinnéidigh, which means "armoured head" or "misshapen head." The usage is associated with the English, Scottish and Irish language. The mo... Read More »

What was the secret service code name for John Kennedy Jr?

Clint Eastwood plays a Secret Service agent in the movie "In the Line of Fire".

What does it mean on my caller ID when the name & number come up as 0 (name) & 0 (number?

You can block your number going out. The last I recall you hit #67. This keeps the receiving party from seeing your number.

Why did they name the Kennedy space center nasa?

It is these address right here.