BGT HOLLIE...She reminds me of young DOTTIE off Eastenders...what do you think...?

Answer Don't watch EE kimmy..........But Psycho kid....on a may have a valid point there..........but in all fairness to Hollie, me thinks the mam had a huge mission in her actions tonight!

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What does it mean on my caller ID when the name & number come up as 0 (name) & 0 (number?

You can block your number going out. The last I recall you hit #67. This keeps the receiving party from seeing your number.

What does the name BBC BOY Mean?

What does name-checked mean?

Name-checking is a slang term that means to drop someone's name in conversation, online or in another forum. It can mean to simply acknowledge from whom you heard something (like citing your source... Read More »

What does CIA after a name mean?

Probably that the person went to the Culinary Institute of America. This means he's a great chef. CIA officers wouldn't put that behind their names.