Why does Henry Higgins invite Eliza to his mothers home?

Answer He wants a chance to "test" Eliza out without placing her in too large of a group Because of his great admiration for his mother, he also wants to show off his work to her.

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How to Look Like Eliza Dushku?

A simple guide on how to look like Eliza Dushku. Eliza Dushku is an American film and TV actress who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as True Lies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[1].... Read More »

What does it mean on my caller ID when the name & number come up as 0 (name) & 0 (number?

You can block your number going out. The last I recall you hit #67. This keeps the receiving party from seeing your number.

What does the name BBC BOY Mean?

What does the name benita mean?

The name Benita is spanish for Bonita. Which means Beautiful.