Who is elaine Leonard?

Answer She is awsome at volleyball and has good sportsmanship. She likes monkeys and pink. She has one sister.

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What was Elaine's last name on Seinfeld?

What is the origin of the name Elaine?

The girl’s name Elaine, a French variant of the name Helen, comes from the Greek meaning “sun ray” or “shining light.” The name Elaine is borne by a character who falls in love with Sir L... Read More »

On Seinfeld who was Elaine's on-again off-again boyfriend?

David Puddy portrayed by Patrick Warburton. He also does voice work as the wheelchair-using Joe Swanson on Family Guy, amongst others. He currently appears as macho married man Jeff in the CBS tele... Read More »

Who plays Elaine on Seinfeld?

No one does anymore , since the show has been over for several years, but Julia Louis-Dreyfuss did when it aired.