How to Find a Modern Day Mr. Darcy?

Answer So, you've read Pride and Prejudice (or you've seen the movie) and you're in love with Mr. Darcy: but do modern-day Mr. Darcys really exist?While Elizabeth had to look beyond a gruff exterior to fi... Read More »

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How is Lady Catherine related to Darcy?

Lady Catherine is Fitzwilliam Darcy's aunt.Darcy's mother was Lady Catherine's sister.

Do I infringe any copyright if I freeze frame Darcy Bussel dancing Elite Syncopations on my TV screen and photograph the screen and paint a picture to sell from the photographed image?

Not that I am aware of, as the image you have created is unique, as it is a painting, the resemblance will be noticable but cannot be 'exact'. To be honest I would'nt worry too much.