What does the Christian symbol IHS mean?

Answer According to Fish Eaters, the monogram IHS stands for "IHESUS," and is the way Jesus Christ's name was spelled during the Middle Ages. It dates back to approxiately the 8th century and was made pop... Read More »

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What is the name of the painting by Otterson in 'Frasier' and what is the artists Christian name?

I don't know the name of the work but I believe the artist was Joel Otterson, it was painted in 1939 and as far as I'm aware the original is owned by 'Art & Artifacts' in los Angeles.

What is the origin of the name Christian?

The word "Christian" is derived from the Greek word, christianos, which meant "follower of Christ." The first known usage of the word is in Acts 11:26, when the writer records that members of the ... Read More »

What is the Christian meaning of the name Rose?

The name Rose has a number of meanings and 57 forms. Its origin is Latin and it refers to a flowering shrub. The Christian symbolic meaning is related to the Virgin Mary.Source:Think Baby Names: Ro... Read More »

What is the Christian meaning of the name Morgan?

The name Morgan has a Welsh background. In Welsh, Morgan means "great circle." However, this name has a Christian meaning as well. In this background, Morgan means "sea warrior" and originates from... Read More »