What is the meaning of the name Cade?

Answer The boy’s name Cade comes from an English surname which may have come from a word meaning round or lumpy. It might also come from the Middle English for barrel, referring to a person who made bar... Read More »

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CADE Accredited Colleges?

Issues of food and health are important to today's consumers, creating a high demand for certified dietitians. This trend will continue to grow as aging baby boomers create a generation of articula... Read More »

When was Dr. Robert Cade born?

Dr. Robert Cade, inventor of the popular sports beverage Gatorade, was born on Sept. 27, 1927. Dr. Cade, a nephrologist (kidney specialist) by trade, invented Gatorade in 1965. He died in 2007 at t... Read More »

A symbol for johnny cade?

a switchblade. ever since Johnny was beaten up by the Socs, he carries a switchblade for protection.

What can Johnny Cade teach readers?

Johnny can teach others that growing up in a harsh world, and living a tough life doesn't mean you can't be sensitive, and retain your innocence. You can still find something that's good in the wor... Read More »

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