What is the meaning of the name Brett?

Answer Brett has two meanings. The boy's name comes from Celtic origins meaning a breton. It is also a girl's name coming from French origin meaning Brit, a native of Lis... Read More »

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What is the origin of the name Brett?

The boy's name Brett is of Latin origin. It was originally used as a surname in medieval times, in reference to a person from Britain or from Brittany, France. Brett is also sometimes used as a gir... Read More »

Preschool Lessons for "The Hat" by Jan Brett?

I've done a web search and found a couple of sites. As yahoo won't show the entire link, I've broken it in half, so when you type it out know that there are no spaces or ... between the breaks...t... Read More »

Preschool Activities for Jan Brett's "The Mitten"?

In the popular children's book "The Mitten," author and illustrator Jan Brett retells a classic Hungarian folk tale about a small boy who loses his mitten. A menagerie of animals take refuge in the... Read More »

What is Brett Favre's rookie card worth?

Brett Favre entered the NFL in 1991 with the Atlanta Falcons. The majority of Favre's rookie cards from that year range in value from $4.50 to $100 in 2010. Depending on the condition and other det... Read More »