What does the moonstone symbolize?

Answer Moonstones are considered feminine gems that symbolize emotions, fresh starts, strong intuition and correct destiny. Some cultures around the world believe that adorning one self with moonstones wi... Read More »

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What does a moonstone do?

A moonstone is a hard, shimmering stone, commonly used in jewelry. Moonstones come in a variety of hues, from gray to green to pink. The most prized moonstones have a colorless body with a blue cas... Read More »

Where is moonstone found?

Found just about anywhere in the world, moonstone generally occurs in fairly large pieces, making it one of the larger gemstones available. Top-producing countries of this stone include Sri Lanka, ... Read More »

Moonstone Gem Facts?

Available in different colors, moonstone gems are believed to carry mystical powers and are sought after by the adherents of some religions. It's considered a sacred gem by Asian Indians and is use... Read More »

Where is moonstone mined?

Moonstone is a relatively common gemstone. It is mined in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, while more sources of moonstone are located in India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Tanzania and the United States.Sour... Read More »