What does the meter on a car battery charger show?

Answer The meter on a car battery charger measures the surface voltage of the battery. When a car is running, the battery is charged by the alternator. The battery meter should read between 12.6 and 14 vo... Read More »

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What does a blinking light on 14.4 Dewalt battery charger mean?

A blinking light on a 14.4 Dewalt battery charger means the battery is charging. When the light is blinking fast, it means that the battery is not charging, often due to the battery's temperature b... Read More »

My laptop battery won't show on screen what it really is, how do I make it show the real battery life?

First make sure your battery is fine,then to calibrate the battery in bios.The problem still is not resolved.Your battery is broken.So you need to change a new one.

How does a battery charger work?

A battery charger is an electrical appliance which produces direct current at a voltage high enough to safely fill up a rechargeable battery with new electric charge.OK, what does that mean?To be a... Read More »

Sony CCD-TRV25 Handycam-Vision Video8 8mm Camcorder, what type of battery charger does it need?