What does the message""exceeds normal cpu usage""mean on windows xp?

Answer The central processing unit, also known as the processor allows a computer to run programs smoothly. If a program drains too much of the processor's resources, the computer will display a message t... Read More »

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What is the normal blood pressure of a normal healthy man?

There is no such thing as "Normal", because, exactly as we are variously dark-haired or blond, hairy, spotty, tall, short, intelligent or stupid, -everyone is unique. The concept that there is an... Read More »

What does a normal echocardiogram show?

A normal echocardiogram shows a normal heart structure and the normal flow of blood through the heart chambers and heart valves

What does this mean is it rare/not normal?

That's called synesthesia, and I'm pretty sure it happens to a lot of people. To me, every number has a gender and a color and I also smell some colors sometimes. Feelings have colors and materials... Read More »

What does a normal professional house cleaning entail?

It varies according to what the client wants, but the most usual things, described in the simplest way, are complete cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen, vacuuming and/or washing floors, and dusting/... Read More »