What does the mantle of Earth consist of?

Answer Earth's mantle is composed of various types of rocks. The upper mantle (closest to the crust) is composed of peridotite, eclogite, olivine, spinel, garnet, pyroxene, perovskite and oxides. The lowe... Read More »

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What does an std test consist of?

According to the National Women's Health Information Center, about 19 million people catch a sexually transmitted infection each year. Most of these occur in the younger demographics. STD tests are... Read More »

What does a Brazilian wax consist of?

this is when a "landing strip" is left... everything else is removed... as for the anus, this is not properly done, they lift up your leg a wax a bit so it goes right down to the bottom (this sound... Read More »

What Does Fructose Consist Of?

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What Does a Hydrogen Atom Consist Of?

The hydrogen atom is represented by the symbol H on the periodic table of the elements. The hydrogen atom consists of a single proton and a single electron. There are no neutrons in the hydrogen a... Read More »