What does the mantle of Earth consist of?

Answer Earth's mantle is composed of various types of rocks. The upper mantle (closest to the crust) is composed of peridotite, eclogite, olivine, spinel, garnet, pyroxene, perovskite and oxides. The lowe... Read More »

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How hot is the Earth's mantle?

Estimates vary about the temperature of the Earth's mantle. According to the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, mantle temperature ranges from about 870 degrees Celsius (... Read More »

What is the Celsius temperature of Earth's mantle?

The top of the Earth's mantle is about 870 degrees Celsius, whereas the temperature rises to between 2,200 degrees Celsius and 3,700 degrees Celsius toward the bottom of the mantle. Convection curr... Read More »

What is a mantle?

The mantle is the layer of the earth between the inner molten core and the outer core or crust of the earth. The earth's mantle is solid and made up of magnesium, iron, silicon, aluminum and oxygen... Read More »

What is the mantle cavity?

The mantle cavity is part of the body structure of a mollusk, such as a clam or snail, that covers the gills, olfactory organs, kidneys, anus and gonads. It lies outside the animal's visceral mass ... Read More »