What does the man do when the woman is having a baby?

Answer I have five kids. I don't belong to any type of religion or belief, birth control just doesn't work so well. I have always been in the room holding her hand and one knee along with the nurses and d... Read More »

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When does a woman ovulate after having a baby if she's breastfeeding?

AnswerSometimes ovulation is delayed during the time a woman is breastfeeding, but it is not a tried and true method of birth control. Also, periods may be irregular for a few months, so timing is ... Read More »

How does a married woman deal with their husband having a baby on them?

What are the Odds of a woman having a baby on her birthday?

1 out of 365 These odds improve if she has sex and gets pregnant about 3 months after her birthday.

Can being a small woman affect having a baby?

nope, one of my family members was 98 pounds and gave birth to a heathy 7.13 oz baby