What does the lock mean on a search bar when you shop?

Answer It means the site is secured via Secure Socket Layer, or SSL. In other words, you're transactions are encrypted to protect you. This is good!

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What does it mean when goldfish lock lips?

If your goldfish are locking lips, chances are they are called "cichlids." The most popular types are Angelfish and Oscars. They lock lips and twirl around or their tails fan feverishly because (a)... Read More »

What does NUM LOCK mean?

Num Lock is the button you use if you want to use the number keys at the side of your keyboard. Press it once t activate them and once again to knock it off

What does lock bore mean?

Lock bore is a name for the hole drilled in the door into which a lock cylinder is fixed. Generally the bore is 2 1/8 inches in diameter but can vary depending on the size of the equipment being pu... Read More »

What does the "I'm Feeling Lucky" mean on the Google Search Bar.?

it takes you to the result that google thinks best matches the "answer" to your search