What does the lmao acronym mean?

Answer The abbreviation "LMAO" is Internet slang for "Laughing My Ass Off" and is used primarily in emails, chatting and texting. It is a shorthand method of expressing emotion as is "LOL" for "Laughing ... Read More »

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What does "lmao" mean?

Laughing my a*s off. Go to the following link to learn more abbreviations.

What does"LMAO"mean?

LMAO is an acronym used in computer communication. It is meant to express the idea of an individual laughing heartily. The acronym stands for "Laughing My A** Off", or "Laugh My A** Off".Source:Co... Read More »

What does lmao mean in computer talk?

Frequent users of Internet chat started using "LMAO" as shorthand for the phrase "Laughing my Ass Off." The term is now often used in text messages, instant messagers and email.Source:Your Dictiona... Read More »

Someone text me and they had " lmao" what does that mean?