What does the literary term"sic"mean?

Answer "Sic," in a literary reference, is a Latin term meaning "so, thus," used to indicate that the previous word or phrase was intentionally allowed to be spelled or rendered incorrectly. This is most o... Read More »

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What does mimesis mean in literary terms?

From the Greek root mim (to mimic), mimesis means writing to capture the nature or character of a person, place or object. According to Yazan Doughan of the University of Chicago, "The word has bee... Read More »

What does the literary device"foreshadowing"mean?

Foreshadowing is the presentation of a suggested outcome prior to its occurrence. Writers use this literary device to keep the reader engaged and interested in the outcome of a work of fiction.Sour... Read More »

Sally Sold Sea Shells By The Sea Shore What is the literary term for this sentence?

Texas State Guard. Some states have their own locally raised militias, which are not federally recognised, and serve as an auxiliary to the National Guard in their state-oriented mission. Most stat... Read More »

What does the term o.s. mean?

In computers, the abbreviation "O.S." stands for "operating system." When you start your computer, the operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS X, is the first thing that you see. All of your ot... Read More »