What does the letter M stand for in Roman numerals?

Answer Roman numerals were established during the Middle Ages in western Europe, and the letter M represents 1,000. The M sometimes is written with parentheses or a line over it to multiply the number by ... Read More »

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How to Use Roman Numerals?

Roman Numerals are numbers in a system. Surely everyone knows that I is 1, II is 2, III is 3, and IV is 4, but do they know that V is 5, or that X is 10? If you don't know that and the numbers that... Read More »

How to Learn Roman Numerals?

A Roman numeral is just an alternative way to represent numbers. Originating in ancient Rome, it is now slightly modified to produce the system we use today. Follow the steps below to know how it w... Read More »

How to Convert Roman Numerals to 1,2,3s?

Roman numerals were the standard numbers used in Europe until the Arabic numbering system came to the forefront around 900 A.D. The Roman numeral system is comprised of seven characters -- letters ... Read More »

How to Count From One to Ten in Roman Numerals?

Counting to 10 in roman numerals is a valuable skill and one that can be learned easily. Although their origins are ancient, roman numerals are frequently used in modern society. Clocks are often i... Read More »