What are the symtoms of having a kidney stones, kidney infection and cysts on the ovaries?

Answer Some symptoms of kidney stones include lower back pain and extreme pain when urinating.

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What does protein in the kidney do?

The human body is 45 percent protein, but it cannot manufacture it by itself; protein must be replenished daily through food. The kidneys filter out proteins and other nutrients from the blood for ... Read More »

What does a human kidney do?

The human kidneys filter waste material and regulate the amount of water in blood. Without correctly functioning kidneys, waste products accumulate in the blood and tissue, with lethal consequences... Read More »

Is there a difference in a left kidney right kidney donation?

Is someone with one kidney more likely to get kidney stones?

if u only have 1 kidney stone b very very very very careful of wat u drink EXTREMLY my moms best friends son had a major kidney stone b/c he only had 1 kidney n thts wat the doc said