What does the iron cross represent?

Answer The iron cross symbol holds many meanings. The iron cross is a military decoration originally given during the Napoleonic wars. During World War II, iron crosses with swastika emblems were given to... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the iron cross?

The Iron Cross is a well-known symbol of Germany and the nation's armed forces. The cross was a military medal during the German war of independence from Napoleonic forces in the 19th century. Acc... Read More »

How to Play Iron Cross Poker?

Iron Cross poker is a community card variant where the five shared cards are dealt one-by-one into a cross and players may only play the three horizontal or vertical cards. Home variants of Iron Cr... Read More »

The History of the Iron Cross Rings in Gymnastics?

The rings, or still rings, are a gymnastic apparatus used in male gymnastic competitions around the world. Competition on the rings requires the highest level of strength among the male events.

I am black can i get the iron cross tatted on me. and will it look right.?

Would obviously show up more on paler skin, yes it's fine though!