What does the ipad3 have that the ipad2 doesn't?

Answer You have download puffin web browser on apple. It has two version one is free and the other one is $1.99.

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What is the difference between ipad2 to ipad3?

Step1First the bad news. You can't block you number while sending a text from your phone. (Unless you have an iPhone or G1 and use an app). The good news is there are services you can use online to... Read More »

What is the difference between the ipad2 and the ipad3?

Foxconn manufactures the iPad 2. It also manufactures many other popular tech products, such as the Nintendo DS.

What difference between ipad3 and ipad2?

Garage band itself doesn't make any noise, so your problem is most likely either the ipad or the Behringer microphone that makes noise.

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