What does the internet provide that books, tv and pictures don't ?

Answer Easier to access, often for free....... whereas one book can cost you anything from £1.50 - £100 (and there's no limit to the number of pages in the internet).Also, if you look in a book or on a ... Read More »

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If i dont have internet on my phone how can i upload pictures to facebook?

Duh, download them from your phone to a pc with internet and then upload them to facebook?

What internet provider shall i get that will provide dynamic ip?

Turning the modem off, then back on should of forced the lease to renew, but since it didn't you can try to force it using IPCONFIG...ipconfig release/renew is done by opening MS DOS Command Prompt... Read More »

What kind of Internet service does DSL provide?

DSL provides broadband Internet over a standard telephone line, according to Tech Target. DSL provides the speed required to enjoy bandwidth-intensive applications, such as streaming content, and s... Read More »

Does DIRECTV provide high-speed internet?