What does the inside of a NICU look like?

Answer It is a room filled with incubators and associated medical devices that surround each incubator. The lights are usually soft and the room quiet, with a nurses' station in the middle or to one side.... Read More »

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Why does me eye look like this (pictures inside)?

I think you burst a capillary which is quite common and should resolve within a few weeks

What do hazard lights look like on the inside of a car?

Hazard lights on automobiles are used to inform passing cars of a problem. When hazard lights are activated, the blinker lights on the inside of the car simultaneously flash.SymbolHazard lights mus... Read More »

What should eggplant look like inside?

Eggplant insides should be white and contain few seeds, says CBS produce expert Tony Tantillo. Green insides are the mark of a premature eggplant while spongy insides with many seeds indicate an ov... Read More »

How do you know what you actually look like (read inside)?

There you go!…I've done this before.. its very odd actually.