What does the idiom 'in the pink' mean?

Answer In the pink: in excellent health physically and emotionally

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Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

What does the idiom'something fishy'mean?

In "Hamlet," when Marcellus said, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" he had a sense that something was awry. However, the exact term, "something fishy," has been in existence since the ... Read More »

What does the idiom'real mccoy'mean?

The phrase "the real McCoy" is used to describe something authentic, genuine or "not a substitute." Its origins have yet to be proven but there are several rumors, and is sometimes written as "the ... Read More »

What does the idiom"nose out of joint"mean?

If you put a person's "nose out of joint," you upset her with a lack of respect or consideration for personal feelings. You cause offense and irritability to the individual. The idiom originates fr... Read More »