What does the i stand for in BMW 530i?

Answer The "i" in the BMW 530i model name stands for "fuel (i)njection." The first model named with this suffix was the 520i, which was introduced along with the carbureted 520 in 1972.Source:BMW HistoryB... Read More »

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BMW 530i Troubleshooting?

Familiarizing yourself with you car's operating systems and maintenance recording systems will ensure that you always experience the highest quality driving experience. BMW makes troubleshooting ea... Read More »

How to Change Oil on a BMW 530i?

The BMW 530i is a luxury performance vehicle developed by BMW. The vehicle's oil should be changed regularly in order to maintain maximal engine performance. You can take the car to an auto shop to... Read More »

DIY: 2003 BMW 530i Lights?

The 2003 BMW 530i comes equipped with numerous lights. The headlights, the parking lamps, the turn signals and the brake lamps are all important safety features on the 530i. If any of the lights bu... Read More »

What size wheels go on a BMW 530i?

The BMW 530i uses a 245/40R18 size of tires. Models manufactured in different years may use the 225/50R17, 225/50R17, 225/55R16, 225/55R15, 235/45R17, 235/45R16 or 235/45R15 tire sizes. Consult you... Read More »