What does"i"stand for in iPod?

Answer Many Apple Inc. products begin with the letter "i," including the iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac and iTunes. According to Gartner Research analyst Frank Ridder, when Apple's iMac desktop computer was int... Read More »

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What does VPN stand for on the iPod Touch?

What does the 'i' in iPod/iPad/iPhone stand for?

apple has always like things to be as personal as possible and to me i think the "i" means I as in you, the person who is using the device and its your personal thing if that makes any sense

What does the "i" stand for in the ipod iphone imac ect?

It stands for Internet. It started with the Imac. Here is the wikipedia article on itApple declared the ‘i’ in iMac to stand for ‘Internet’. Attention was given to the out-of-box experience... Read More »

What battery does my ipod 20gb 4th generation ipod take?

A fourth generation iPod with a 20gb hard drive is powered by a 3.7 volt lithium ion battery, as opposed to the lithium polymer batteries used to power previous models.References:Apple: iPod classi... Read More »