What does the i in iPod mean?

Answer Apple added the "I" to the Imac to stress the computers ease and capabilities when working with the internet. Like kleenex, the name just really caught on so now they put the I on non-computer prod... Read More »

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What does iPod mean?

Answer nothing, its just a name. a cool sounding name but just a name.

What does"restore iPod"mean?

The button labeled "Restore iPod" you see when you connect your device to iTunes functions to perform a factory reset, also known as a hard reset, on your iPod. In addition to deleting your files, ... Read More »

What does ipod error 69 mean?

ITunes will sometimes give an "error 69" when syncing. The error indicates that the file you are trying to sync is corrupted or otherwise unusable, perhaps open in another program, for example. Try... Read More »

What does generation mean on an iPod?

For Apple iPods, the term generation refers to new versions of a particular model of iPod. The first time Apple releases an iPod, the first version is known as the first generation. When Apple subs... Read More »