What does the hummingbird represent?

Answer Hummingbirds are messengers between worlds and bringers of love and romance, or so says common folk beliefs south of the U.S. border. Additional legends posted on "Hummingbird World" describe the h... Read More »

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What sound does a hummingbird make?

Hummingbirds make chirping sounds, including warning chirps that consist of several chirps in a row, short pleasant chirps when being fed or looking for food, and a chittery chirp when looking for ... Read More »

What does the hummingbird symbolize in the Chinese culture?

The hummingbird is the only bird that can hover, fly backward and forward, and come to a dead stop mid-air. In China and around the world, the hummingbird symbolizes powerful energy, transformation... Read More »

What does UPC represent?

UPC represents an abbreviation for Universal Product Code. The UPC code is placed on products to assist in serving as an inventory tracking device. It was first developed for grocery stores to assi... Read More »

What does the g represent in 3g?

the g stands for generation its the 3rd generation of internet speed development