What does the honey and cinnamon mask do for your skin?

Answer It's supposed to clear your skin and get rid of acne, and make it smooth. It's just a natural acne remedy if you don't really like chemicals from the store.

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How does a honey face mask help your skin?

Honey is a natural "humectant" which means it attracts and retains moisture. When used in skin treatments, honey's humectant qualities keep your skin moist, soft and elastic - helping it stay young... Read More »

Question about the Cinnamon and Honey Trick?

I've never heard of that but cranberry juice is proven to work. I usually drink like a gallon and it does the trick.

Science Fair Projects With Cinnamon and Honey?

Honey and cinnamon are natural products that have been found to have some very interesting properties. You can develop several science fair projects that investigate these properties. For instance,... Read More »

Can honey and cinnamon cure bacterial vaginosis?

On One Hand: Honey and Cinnamon's Antibacterial PropertiesBacterial vaginosis, or BV, is an overgrowth of the normal bacteria present in the vagina. In a 1991 study published in the Journal of Phar... Read More »