What does the groom pay for?

Answer There are certain items that the groom or his family traditionally pay for during a wedding. Although the rules are not always strictly adhered to, these are the basics for what a groom pays for.Re... Read More »

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What does the stepmother of the groom wear?

Stepmothers should be dressed similarly to the rest of the guests at the wedding. While the bride might have a request with regards to color for large family photos, the baseline is to match the re... Read More »

What hand does the groom wear the wedding ring on?

According to, men in America, France, United Kingdom and Sweden typically wear the wedding ring on the left hand. This originated from the theory that one vein connects the left rin... Read More »

Does the mother of the groom give favors to any of the wedding party?

On One Hand: Follow TraditionTraditionally, the members of the wedding party receive a gift from only the bride and groom. When following tradition, the mother of the groom is not responsible for g... Read More »

What do you need to groom a horse?

Grooming your horse every day is as important as your own daily personal care routine. Grooming promotes bonding and gives you an opportunity to make sure your horse is healthy and happy. If you're... Read More »