What does the green points or red points mean on Wikipedia?

Answer They represent the net number bytes of text added (green) or removed (red) in that edit. I say "bytes" rather than "characters" because some special characters are represented by more than one byte... Read More »

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Where I can find the Weight Watchers Points Guide on-line w/o signing up or joining their Points Program?

Hi try this one, have a lots of points . Good luck

Who holds the record for most points scored at Assembly Hall with 42 points?

In 1987, Indiana's Steve Alford scored a record-setting 42 points at Assembly Hall. That night, Alford led the second-ranked Hoosiers to an 84-80 win against Michigan State in Bloomington, Indiana.... Read More »

Ten points for the best Wikipedia creation myth?

One day, a little gnome named Dingledorf Haselpon von Smith was walking along the forest, minding his own buisness, when he spotted a computer. "How odd!" He wondered aloud. "A computer in the midd... Read More »

How to publish an article on Wikipedia 10 points!?

There should be a "Save page" button below the edit summary. If your entire article is already typed up and in the big text field, all you need to do now is hit "Save page." Though it wouldn't hurt... Read More »