What does the German flag mean?

Answer The German flag refers to German unity and freedom. According to the Flags of the World Index, the colors of the flag symbolize: yellow as a symbol of generosity; red for hardiness, bravery, streng... Read More »

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What did the American flag look like during the civil war?

The American flag in the Civil War resembled the current American flag with 13 horizontal stripes of alternating red and white and a field of blue with white, five-pointed stars on the top left. Ho... Read More »

What are the colors of the German flag?

The German flag consists of three, equally-sized horizontal bands that are colored black, red and yellow. The colors come from the Imperial coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire.Source:Flags of the... Read More »

What do the colors on the german flag mean?

The German flag represents the nation's history and culture. The name used by authorities in official announcements for the flag is bundesflagge, or federal flag.HistoryThe flag was first adopted i... Read More »

What do the colors of the German flag stand for?

The colors on the German flag represent; symbolic generosity for the yellow, determination, hardiness, valor and bravery for the red, and determination for the black.These colors have been associat... Read More »