What does Sarah mean in German?

Answer The first name Sarah means "lady" or "princess." Its origin is not Germanic; rather, it is a Hebrew name that appeared in the Old Testament and did not come into popular use in the Western world un... Read More »

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What does the German flag mean?

The German flag refers to German unity and freedom. According to the Flags of the World Index, the colors of the flag symbolize: yellow as a symbol of generosity; red for hardiness, bravery, streng... Read More »

What does the German word"uber"mean?

The German word "uber" literally translates to "above," as used in the Nazi anthem "Deutschland uber Alles," or Germany Above All Things." In English, uber is often used in combination with nouns a... Read More »

What does the German surname Schulz mean?

The occupational surname Schulz dates to the seventh century, originating from the Old High German "schulheize," referring to a collector of dues or taxes. By the 13th century, the name had come to... Read More »

What does the German surname"Hasenauer"mean?

A German surname that is uncommon in the United States but found in higher numbers in New York, Pennsylvania and Nebraska, the Hasenauer name dates back to 400 AD.Habitational DerivationA surname w... Read More »