What does the football button do on Youtube?

Answer The sound is coming from an audio recording of a "vuvuzela". Vuvuzelas are long horns traditionally used in World Cup games. And thus have been known to be annoying and unwanted ever since the init... Read More »

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What does that football button on youtube mean?

YouTube put it their to show their appreciation for the World Cup.It makes the Vuvuzela noise, which is supposed to be annoying.My advice: Don't click it.

If you press F5 (refresh button) a lot of times on a YouTube video does it increase the views..?

No.It tracks your IP per day.Meaning your computer only counts as 1 view per day - otherwise you're trying to commit view count fraud, and Offense Youtube IP bans for.IP ban = no more youtube for you.

Youtube 1911 button- offensive?

Dude you guys just got ******* trolled so hard

Why doesn't the Not Spam button work on Youtube?

Hello!It's most likely a bug. The Not Spam button does not work most of the time, most recent comments that are marked as spam, you could un-spam it. But older comments unfortunately sometimes it ... Read More »