What do fleur-de-lis medallions stand for?

Answer Fleur-de-lis means "flower of the lily" and has been used since the 12th century to represent the French royalty. Legend tells that an angel gave King Clovis, the Merovingian king of the Franks, a ... Read More »

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Where did fleur-de-lis come from?

The fleur-de-lis is a stylized representation of a flower. Though "lis" means "lily," some evidence indicates the fleur-de-lis symbol may actually have been derived from an iris. European royalty b... Read More »

Where can I get Fleur de Lis products?

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Was Fleur de la Coor in Hellboy 2?

How to Draw a Medieval Fleur?

The medieval fleur, properly called the fleur-de-lis, is an ancient symbol derived from France. Literally meaning "the flower of lily" in English, it traditionally symbolizes royalty, light, life a... Read More »