What does the first number mean in tire size?

Answer The first number advertised on the side of the vehicle tire represents the width of the tire. This figure is measured in millimeters. The number is located after the letter abbreviation that signif... Read More »

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What does tire size 87H mean?

The 87H printed on a tire is not the size. The size will be a string of number and letters that looks like 195/60R14 87H. The 195/60R14 is the tire size and the 87H is the load and speed rating. Th... Read More »

What do atv tire size numbers mean?

Specifically designed to provide traction over various types of terrain, ATV tires are sized to provide the best performance for your vehicle. The first number on tire represents height, the next n... Read More »

What do the numbers of the tire size mean?

The first number in a tire size code indicates the overall width in millimeters. The next is the aspect ratio between the sidewall height and the section width. The final number is the rim diameter... Read More »

What do the numbers mean in a standard tire size?

The series of numbers and letters across the tire can give you a wide range of valuable information. These facts can help you choose the right tire for your car, and each has a specific meaning."P"... Read More »