What does the fasfa ecf code of 10003 mean?

Answer Your EFC is just a code that the schools use to determine what kinds and how much aid each person will get. The EFC is not a dollar amount. I repeat, your EFC is NOT a dollar amount. You can see ... Read More »

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What does a UPC code mean?

A universal product code (UPC) is a series of numbers located below the bar code on any grocery or purchasable item. UPCs were designed to speed up the process of checking out at a grocery store an... Read More »

What does a bar code mean?

When the cashier slides a barcode at the register site, it records twelve digits. The first two represent the issuing country. The next four reveal the manufacturer. The last six identify the produ... Read More »

What does NOS mean in ICD-9 code?

What does URL code 404 mean?

The URL code 404 is used to indicate that a web page could not load on a website. This could be due to the page not existing anymore or a website server is not able to fulfill a request to navigate... Read More »