What does the f number mean on a camera lens?

Answer The f on a camera lens is the maximum aperture of the lens. It is sometimes listed as 1:X with X being the maximum aperture. For example: - Canon EF 50mm f1.4 is a 50mm prime lens with a maximum ap... Read More »

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What does 420-800mm mean in a camera lens?

A lens marked 420 to 880 mm is considered to be a telephoto lens. A lens' focal length is marked on each camera lens. The focal length determines how much an object is magnified through the lens. A... Read More »

What does usm mean on a canon camera lens?

Canon, the leader in the D-SLR market, makes a wide variety of lenses. Some of its lenses bear the letters "USM" on them, which stands for ultrasonic motor.What is USM?An ultrasonic motor lens has ... Read More »

What does f1.4 mean on a digital camera lens?

The setting which dictates the amount of light that enters the lens. f-stop...f-1.4

Why does my basic camera have a wide angle lens I bought a canon 8mp camera and the lens is wide angle leaving shots of boxed shaped items to be curved.?

Two possible answers:1. If the curve is really exaggerated and really rounds boxes so they tend to look like a ball that "kind of" have four corners, then you may have a "fisheye" lens.2. Some less... Read More »