What does the expression 5x5 mean?

Answer The phrase "five-by-five" comes from radio operator slang. The strength and clarity of radio transmissions are rated one to five; a transmission that is "five by five" is the highest strength and c... Read More »

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What does the expression"pay the piper"mean?

To "pay the piper" is a remorseful expression meaning that no matter what fun you're having currently, eventually you'll have to pay for it. According to the reference book "Why Do We Say It? The S... Read More »

What does the expression man's man mean?

The term "man's man" refers to a male who reflects a particular masculinity associated with ruggedness, braveness, toughness and strength. This type of man typically is very successful with women, ... Read More »

What does the expression"keystone cops"mean?

The Keystone Kops were characters in a series of silent film shorts produced starting in 1912 by Mack Sennett for the Keystone Film Company, hence their name. They were a collection of bumbling, il... Read More »

What Does"Illegal Start of Expression"Mean?

An "Illegal Start of Expression" error is a compiler error in the Java programming language. It generally means that there is faulty code somewhere in the syntax. For instance, misspelled methods a... Read More »