What does the expiration date on food products actually mean ?

Answer It all depends on the food itself, perishables are disposed of, but most of the dates are guideline to sell by or remove from sale, hear in Canada I would say most of the time it is safe to eat mos... Read More »

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What is the difference between an expiration date and a best by date?

That date on milk and other dairy products is a 'Sell By' date, not an expiration. Vendors must remove it from their shelves on that date. There is still plenty of time to consume it at your leisur... Read More »

Do car seats have an expiration date?

Car seats are used to keep infants and small children safe when traveling in vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandates that car seats should not be used more than six ye... Read More »

Can You Use Whitestrips After the Expiration Date?

You bought a box of Whitestrips to brighten your teeth for a wedding that never happened. Can you still use them if the box has expired? That depends on what result you are seeking. You might be wa... Read More »

Does Abreva have an expiration date?

Abreva, generically known as docosanol, is a nonprescription topical medication used to treat cold sores and fever blisters. This medication does have an expiration date, which is normally printed... Read More »