What does the eagle, globe&anchor stand for?

Answer The eagle, globe and anchor make up the emblem for the U.S. Marine Corps. It was officially adopted in 1955. The emblem is accompanied by the Marine Corps Latin motto "Semper Fidelis," which transl... Read More »

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What does the eagle globe and anchor stand for?

The eagle, globe and anchor stand for the air, land and sea. It's an insignia for the United States Marine Corps.

What does the double-headed eagle stand for?

Commonly used on banners and flags, the symbol of the double-headed eagle has many different meanings. Some meanings include truth, freedom, peace, honor and an ability to stay alert to threats an... Read More »

What does the Eagle symbol for the U.S. Navy stand for?

What does the American eagle stand for in this nation?

The American bald eagle stands for the strength and independence of the United States of America. It unofficially became the national bird in 1782 and officially in 1789 with the inauguration of Pr... Read More »