What do CC and BBC stand for in an email?

Answer These stand for 'Carbon Copy' and 'Blind Carbon Copy'. All email addresses in CC and BCC will be sent the email you have written. The difference is that addresses in the BCC list will not be able ... Read More »

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What do CC:& BCC: stand for in an email program?

In an email program, "CC" stands for carbon copy. Use this when you are sending an email to one person and you want another person to see the email, but not necessarily respond. "BCC" stands for bl... Read More »

How to Make an Email Stand Out?

Writing an email which will stand out in a busy inbox can require significant thought and creativity. Fear that the message will be ignored can lead to severe writer's block or simply tapping out a... Read More »

What do the initials BBC on a memo or email stand for?

What does Cc stand for in Yahoo Mail when you are composing an email?

It means Carbon copy, meaning you can send a copy of yor email to the email address of the person you put on the Cc line.